A kit of 5 is available in 3 options : a protective case, trolley or wall cabinet.

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Hard Case

transportable and easily stored in a cupboard.
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Wall Unit

best used in a locked activity room.
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Lockable Trolley

great to transport between various wings of the facility.

The Aged Care & Dementia Therapy Programs are available on a monthly subscription.
The kit is provided with: staff training, behavioural management tools & wellbeing plans including extra sensory elements.

All kits are configured ready for use. No set up, No Wi-Fi, No hand controllers.
Velcro wrist weights and physio pedals can be used alongside the “movement programs.”

Starting is as simple as pressing the power on button.

Why you should consider NeuronsVR Therapy for your residents

  • NeuronsVR is a therapy tool that can help support frustration and unmet needs.
  • NeuronsVR can be integrated with a Behaviour Support Plan after thorough planning and assessment.
  • Escalation Management
  • Sundowner Engagement
  • Increase empathy between carers and residents
  • Pain Management (University of Sydney)
  • Insomnia & Anxiety Management
  • Reduce apathy and improve mood (University of Queensland, and University of South Australia)
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Encourage physical movement
  • Evoke memories of the past by transporting residents to treasured locations
  • Encourage conversation and socialisation with group activities

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