MAGIC MOMENTS – Outcomes in Memory Support 

Here we share brief video clips of some of our successes we call our MAGIC MOMENTS. 

It is a rewarding experience to visibly witness NeuronsVR Therapy making a change or a difference in a resident’s or carers’ life. Our successes encourage us and challenge us to further efforts in our therapies, to support and make a difference in the world of Aged Care and Dementia. 

In our NeuronsVR blogs we also share emotionally moving,  individual success stories, MAGIC MOMENTS, so you too, can learn the power and potential of our therapies. Enjoy. 

I was a diver in my day.

It's so lovely down there.

Good Memories

That’s where I met my husband.

This is like a different world

Beautiful, beautiful, Just so much land and animals

Back Home Again

``Mia bella Roma`` I want more, I want more !

Dairy Farming

It takes your mind away from here

The beauty of nature whilst outdoors

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord

Back home to Japan

So many wonderful places

Beautiful Goats

Hand milking goats to make cheese

Up close with cows

He remembers! My Friend ..overseas..he has the cows!

Music Therapy

Dancing in the moment because it makes her happy

Harley Davidson

Wow check out the wheels

“Well, I went to the Circus with my little boy”

The Elephants brought back funny memories

Back home to Italy

Walking to familiar streets in Italy, a lot busier than she remembered!

Today it’s much better

A quick trip back to her hometown in Italy, compared to the Italy she grew up in. ``today, it's much better``

I’d like to play with the little animals.

A visit to the farm leaves residents wanting to reach out and touch the baby animals.

I’ve been to all those places before

Going back to France brought back familiar memories of work trips

That turtle was so close thought I could touch it!

I thought they were here around me!

I have been to Hawaii for 5 minutes!

I was there sometime ago in the Greek Islands

I saw the sea!

See things you have seen before

Wow! The Beach!

A quick trip to the beach to explore the seaside leaves you feeling like you'd like to dive straight into the crystal-clear water.

A former French Solider in uniform

In my uniform and my rifle, I walked down there everyday

Better than Soccer!

Exploring the world through VR,and Bill thinks its better than the soccer he loves so much

I can do that all day!

You can see the whole Beautiful Gorge

Fantastic, Unbelievable

As a city boy I have respect for what farmers do!

It’s Lovely !

Farm girl life – I loved it !

Stories of working on a fishing trawler

Back in Italy within minutes

Meaningful conversations between residents. 10/10

Dancing is life

We could go on a Roman holiday!

That’s Fabulous!

I felt like I was carried away!

Remembering when I was younger made me laugh

Positive emotions, laughter is good medicine.

Look at that building – that was cool!

A fascinating trip for this resident through the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City

“how delightful” bush walking in the rainforest

Joan walked through the bush to the rainforest. ``How delightful!`` Joan recalled her distant memory of bushwalking years ago.

Reminds me of Home

The times I have walked over that bridge!

George says he’ll explore again “anywhere, anytime!”

George explored Europe through VR. He remarked how clear the video was and he sure found it interesting! “Anywhere, anytime”. George will be happy to explore again!

Wow, that was wonderful!

She visited the countryside with her friend, and saw new born lambs in the paddock. Such a wonderful feeling to be outside

Paris brings back many memories

This resident got the chance to go back to Paris where she traveled with my family and friends. She remarks how wonderful it is to bring back many memories for her.

Quality time between Mum & Daughter

Quality time spent together is made possible with NeuronsVR. Here a mother and her daughter take a trip to the countryside to see the newborn lambs. Watch as they return from their trip together. The warmth & positive engagement can be felt throughout the room.

Galápagos giant tortoise, it’s wonderful to see that!

The beauty of being outdoors with friends and watching a giant Galápagos tortoise, makes for dinner conversation and a request to go again tomorrow

Recalling country life on the sheep station

A trip into the past of growing up on a sheep station and the memories that were evoked. ``When the wool prices went down, we got into cattle. This is just like Dorrigo, so green, but when the rains don't come it gets terribly dry``

Shear the Sheep Jim!

Bill enjoys remembering the shearing, a yearly event in his childhood, which leads to an afternoon of remembering the old days, when he was a boy.

In the old days, hey!

Thank you. Lovely! I was too busy to help in the shearing shed, I had to help Mother”. Fond memories of the busy shearing time and the farm of her childhood were shared.

Gropers on the reef !

You get down under the reef and see those fish!” This exclamation moved on to a story about the one that got away, and a real connection was formed with a carer.

Back to the Opera

“I can't hear you, there are people playing music here! I always used to sit in section B in row 34-36 as this meant I was opposite the platform and level with the stage”. “Anytime you want to play music, please come and do it!”

Marlee revisits a childhood memory of growing up in Berlin

NeuronsVR Magic Moment happens at Catholic Healthcare Emmaus Village. Watch as Marlee revisits where she grew up in Berlin and recalls memories of living in Germany during WW11.

Alright! Look at the birds!

Three friends traveling together, bird watching. A perfect group experience that is discussed later in detail over morning tea between the ladies and the staff. “What kind of birds were they?” “So interesting!”

Robbie Visits Roma, Va bene!

“Va Bene! Trevi! Singing in the Church and playing at the fountain”. Robbie recalls memories from his youth in Rome, that brought tears to the staff and his family surrounding him.

I’ve been everywhere!

A well-seasoned traveller recalls his last trip to Rome in 2013, but states that New Zealand is his favourite.

Group Therapy Together

A group of residents engage in armchair travel, going back to the country together, during a recent activities session. One resident remarked how close he got to the animals. “You could almost touch them”