Therapy Tool for Residential Aged Care and those living with Dementia

NeuronsVR provide specialised therapy for Aged Care and those living with Dementia, using Virtual Reality (VR).

The library of approved and tailored therapy programs, enable OT, RN’s & Carers to support resident independence, wellbeing, dignity and purpose with personalised choice and enjoyment

Aged Care Success Stories: NeuronsVR “Magic Moments”

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Explore our video case studies showcasing the successful integration of NeuronsVR Therapy in Aged Care. Witness the outcomes of integrating a nonpharmacological approach for those who live with Dementia.


Specialised Therapy through VR

NeuronsVR specializes in providing virtual reality therapy tailored for Aged Care and Dementia. Our core areas of focus include:


Lifestyle & Resident Wellbeing – Facilitating Meaningful Engagement

Offering immersive experiences such as armchair travel, animal therapy, and group activities to enhance residents’ quality of life.


Clinical Integration – Enhancing Resident Care Plans:

Integration with resident care plans to address various clinical needs such as pain management (for wound dressing, blood pressure monitoring, etc.), insomnia, anxiety, and relaxation.

Memory Support

Memory Support – Addressing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

1-on-1 sessions for individuals living with Dementia and integration with a Behaviour Support Plan.


The kit is provided with: staff training, behavioural management tools & wellbeing plans including extra sensory elements.

  • No set up
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No hand controllers.
  • Starting is as simple as pressing the power on button.
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