About NeuronsVR

NeuronsVR brings virtual reality to aged and healthcare residents to enrich their quality of life, allowing them to experience the wider world for better mental and physical wellbeing.

With our plug & play VR solutions, every resident can leverage the power of virtual reality, empowering engagement and shared connection.

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Virtual Reality for Aged Care
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How it works

Offering a complete put-on-and-play experience, the custom VR deployment platform, complete with sets of goggles allows staff to organise animal encounters, scenic travel tours, calming videos for dementia and movement programs for their residents with the click of a button. 

With headsets able to be synchronised for group sessions, virtual reality becomes a shared experience, encouraging conversation and connection as residents share what they see. 

Take a balloon ride over Paris, finally experience the Great Pyramids of Giza, explore the Great Barrier Reef or revisit places of personal or cultural significance – the possibilities are endless.


From aged care and rehab facilities to mental health and dementia support, NeuronsVR offers a range of bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Choose programs that suit your residents, discover how virtual reality could improve mood and mobility and see how NeuronsVR could work for you.

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Physical Therapy Package
With virtual reality, daily exercises and activities are transformed into engaging walking tours, exciting games and activities designed for physical improvement.
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Aged Care Package
Specifically designed for aged care environments, our Aged Care Packages provide you with everything you need to get started.

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