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Innovation in Aged Care

VR Therapy For Aged Care

Offering innovative therapy technology
can increase occupancy rates

Modern and advanced aged care facilities are becoming increasingly popular among seniors and their families. Offering cutting-edge therapy tools like virtual reality can help increase your facility’s credibility and increase its perception of value when it comes to finding the right home for a loved one. Virtual reality therapy has several advantages for seniors, such as reminiscence therapy, cognitive stimulation, exposure therapy, sensory stimulation. It has a wide range of therapeutic benefits such as improving cognitive function, reduce anxiety, stress, and improved overall well-being and much more particularly for those residents living with Dementia. VR therapy can help improve the quality of life for residents and their carers by providing a variety of interactive and stimulating experiences.

The recognition of modern and advanced aged care facilities is on the rise as seniors and their families seek out the best possible care options.

Go beyond bingo, board games, and boredom

NeuronsVR provides virtual reality to residents to help improve their quality of life by enabling them to experience the wider world for better mental and physical well-being.

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VR Innovation In Aged Care

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