What is VR

nursing home occupational and physio therapies

Invented in 1957 purely for entertainment, virtual reality (or VR) has come a long way in the last six decades.

With exciting new research finding that VR is a helpful tool for multiple mental and physical therapies, NeuronsVR wanted to simplify the technology, bringing a pick-up-and-play experience to residents in aged care, mental health and rehabilitation environments across Australia.

When you place a headset on, you’re no longer confined to the physical constraints of our world. Paris is just a button click away. A stroll through the countryside is possible for everyone, despite physical ability. A hot air balloon awaits at any time of the day. Virtual reality technology immerses users in an environment, with the possibilities as endless as your imagination. Enrich lives, encourage engagement and provide a unique social activity with experiences that encourage movement and improve state of mind.

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