Physical Therapy Package

Any physiotherapist will tell you that the prescription of daily exercises is often met with groans. For patients with a long road of recovery ahead of them, physical and occupational therapy can often feel boring, frustrating or hopeless. 

With virtual reality, daily exercises and activities are transformed into engaging walking tours, exciting games and activities designed for both entertainment and physical improvement. 

Velcro wrist weights and under-desk pedals build strength and encourage movement as residents walk the Inca Trail or experience a scenic travel tour whilst interactive games motivate patients to reach their goals.  

Time and effort slips away as fun and enjoyment takes over, transforming the way patients view physical therapy sessions and speeding up recovery time. 

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Aged Care Package

Specifically designed for aged care environments, our Aged Care Packages provide you with everything you need to get started.

Why you should consider VR for your residents

  • Interactive activities designed to get residents moving and participating in physical therapy
  • Virtual reality has been seen to reduce apathy and improve mood in residential aged care (University of Queensland, and University of South Australia)
  • Evoke memories of the past by transporting residents to treasured locations 
  • Reduce pain and improve quality of life for palliative care residents (University of Sydney) 
  • Encourage conversation and socialisation with group activities 

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