How it works

aged care occupational therapy

The Technology

Organised in a protective case, our NeuronsVR kit arrives set up and ready for action. 

Our programs are available on a monthly subscription.

Control the headsets via a central tablet, giving residents a put on and play experience that is synchronised for group sessions. A playback feed shows staff exactly what the residents are experiencing with numbered headsets. 

Velcro wrist weights and physio pedals can be used alongside the hand controllers to build strength.

Starting your adventure is as simple as hitting the power button and placing the headset on. With the goggle style display covering your eyes and blocking out the surrounding room, you are completely immersed in the experience, with individual surround audio making you feel like you’ve been transported to a new location.

The Benefits

We wanted to develop shared experiences that encouraged engagement, connection, and socialisation

Research shows that older adults are the most likely demographic to experience feelings of loneliness and social isolation, and this is associated with poor mental and physical health and an increased risk of premature death (CDC 2020).

aged care occupational therapy
retirement village occupational therapy

Improve Quality of Life

With NeuronsVR, residents can explore new environments whilst remaining safe in a controlled environment. Along with exploratory experiences, users also discover VR together, connecting with one another through a positive shared experience and creating conversations that last long after the headset has been powered down.

Enrich your mind

A recent study on virtual reality and mental health by the University of Queensland showed that “VR reduced depressive symptoms and apathy and induced a positive emotional response in most residents, with few observed side effects”.

retirement village occupational therapy
retirement village occupational therapy

Change how you view Occupational

With experiences designed to promote exercise and physio movements, NeuronsVR gets residents up and moving through fun interactive games and stimulating environments that take the “work” out of occupational therapy. 

VR for physical therapy has been shown to be effective in speeding up recovery time. These VR activities help to keep spirits up and keep patients motivated week after week.

Get moving with walking tours

Have you ever dreamt of walking the Great Wall of China? With virtual reality you can, from the comfort of your very own living room. With a variety of famous walks loaded to your device, you can enjoy scenic walks with panoramic VR. 

Users put on their headsets and pedals, allowing them to maintain their physical and muscular strength whilst enjoying scenic panoramas.

aged care occupational therapy
aged care occupational therapy

Relax mind and body

As your body settles into the virtual world, your mind settles to leave the day behind. Sink into a dreamier state of mind with Binaural Theta beats, highly effective against stress and sleep deprivation and continue with meditation music to relax mind and body.

Reminiscence therapy made easy

One of the greatest ways to engage elderly minds is to reflect on past experiences of well lived lives. With VR able to take you anywhere, you can visit places that can  provoke hours of meaningful memory and engaging conversations.

aged care occupational therapy
aged care occupational therapy

Tackle trauma with technology

Most people experience trauma, loss and grief in one form or another throughout their life. With the right tools in place, trauma can be more easily identified and managed, improving the individual’s quality of life. NeuronsVR offers resources such as guided meditations, relaxation and immersion to help both patients and staff when dealing with trauma.