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Add a SENSORY KIT to your NeuronsVR experiences to enhance the therapeutic benefits, and to activate and  stimulate all five senses for your residents.

Sensory Kits are often used by therapists for residents in Aged Care to promote sensory exploration and enhance sensory development and experiences for seniors. As we know, residents suffering from Dementia may experience difficulty processing sensory information and may become less responsive to their environment over time.

Focusing on engaging and stimulating the five senses of vision, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile, by adding a sensory kit to your NeuronsVR platform can provide a more meaningful and valuable VR therapy experience.




While residents visit the sheep shearing station with NeuronsVR, place a sheepskin on their laps for them to handle and run their fingers through, encouraging the tactile sense and enhancing the sheep shearing experience, reviving memories of the greasiness of the wool bales, the heat and the noise of the woolshed.

After the experience finishes, pass around a small tub of lanolin and encourage residents to smell the lanolin stimulating the olfactory sense, and add skeins of wool or knitting for them to handle encouraging the residents’ tactile sense and also communication.

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While residents visit a calming ocean beach with NeuronsVR, promote the tactile sense by placing a beach towel on their laps or on the arm of the chairs, their feet in bowls of water and their hands in a tray of sand and seashells.

After the experience finishes, offer fish and chips for lunch, activating the gustatory sense.

Each extra sensory experience should be tailored to the resident’s individual needs.

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During a NeuronsVR trip into a Mechanic’s Workshop to watch a grease and oil change, hand the residents small spanners and allen keys to stimulate the tactile sense.

After the experience, handing around small tools and familiar branded oil and lube cans for the residents to handle will also revive memories, and stimulate engagement, especially from engine fanatics!

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Set the scene for NeuronsVR Armchair Travel by seating the residents on chairs with an overbed table in front, placed one behind the other along a wall, set out like a plane aisle. Add the printed plane window pictures to the wall beside each resident making the residents feel as though they are in an aeroplane. Encourage the tactile experience with a travel brochure or a printed boarding pass to hold.

After the travel experience, residents can be encouraged to make a small scrap book travel diary of their experience. This stimulates the tactile sense as well as reviving memories of past travel and encouraging communication. The scrapbook can also be kept and used for future armchair travel with NeuronsVR. A food trolley can also be pushed up the aisle to serve food authentic to the country they have just visited or travel snacks usually offered on a plane, stimulating the gustatory sense.

virtual reality glasses, virtual reality goggles, virtual reality systems
virtual reality glasses, virtual reality goggles, virtual reality systems

A first-hand account of a sensory stimulation success

We have witnessed first-hand our new sensory kits having several advantages for residents who live with Dementia, at The Royce Retirement Village in Penrith.

They use sensory stimulation with Ron, a resident with advanced Dementia who suffers from high anxiety. After watching the NeuronsVR Mechanics Workshop experience Ron fidgeted with spanners and a set of allen keys.
He then began to recall the smell of his father’s car garage and was able to name some of the tools he remembered using with his dad and also the names of the tools in his hands. Staff noted how Ron’s demeanor had changed as he relaxed while engaging with the group. What a success story for Ron and the staff as a memory was unlocked and Ron became less anxious and more involved.

Using sensory kits with NeuronsVR Therapy sessions, especially with residents who live with Dementia, can enhance therapeutic benefits and stimulates all five senses. This has proved to reduce agitation and anxiety, improve mood, increase socialisation and communication, brighten residents’ spirits and outlook and enhance their quality of life. Sensory kits can also provide a valuable opportunity for carers to engage with residents in a meaningful and positive way.